Let your love shine through


Help your little artists show their love this February with an easy, fun, hands-on project inspired by Valentine's Day. The creative teachers and students at IS183 Art School in Stockbridge came up with this sweet idea during the bitterly cold holiday break. (Nothing warms you up like getting your creative juices flowing!)

See more creativity from the students of IS183 at the "IS183 Art School Kids Create Show: A Learning Through Arts Showcase," which will be held during Pittsfield's 10X10 Festival at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts. The exhibit opens Feb. 15, and will showcase the work of IS183 Art School's Learning Through Arts after-school program. For more information about the exhibit, or the program, visit is183.org.


Crayons of different colors (keep them in the red/pink family for Valentine's Day fun)

An old cheese grater or pencil sharpener


A piece of regular paper

Wax paper

Hole punch



How to do it:

1 Take off any wrappers or paper off of your crayons. Using an old cheese grater or pencil sharpener, start shaving bits off the crayons.

2. Cut out heart shaped templates. Have an adult help if you need to!

3. Place crayon shavings between two sheets of wax paper.

4. Melt the shavings (on lowest setting) with an iron between 30 seconds to 1 minute. Let cool (also place between newspaper or an old dish towel, this project can get messy!)

5. Place template on top, trace, and cut out heart shapes.

6. Use hole punch to place a hole on top and bottom of heart in a vertical line. You can get creative by mixing sizes.

7. Pull string thru all of your hearts (tie a knot at the bottom and loop at the top).

8. Hang in the sun and sit back and admire your creativity!


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