Letter: A better deal for the money on health insurance in US

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To the editor:

What if I could provide you with a health insurance plan that would cover every aspect of your health from your time in the womb to hospice care if necessary, and I would do this for the same amount of money as you are presently paying for your health insurance?

This would be a health plan with no deductibles, no co-pay, no surprise medical bills, where you can never be turned down, no worry about preexisting condition, no paperwork and everything would be covered: visits to doctors of your choice, hospital care, nursing home, dental, purchasing drugs, long-term medical care, physical therapy, therapy and detoxing facilities. If you can name it, it would be covered. You would have a card that you would present at any health care provider, and that is all you would have to do. This plan would be for all Americans, the young, old, sick and healthy, tall and short, overweight, and anorexic. Would you be interested in my plan?

Last year, 2018, Americans paid $3.65 trillion for all their health insurance, including drug costs. That's $3.65 trillion for one year of health insurance, which does not include out-of-pocket costs to cover deductions and co-payments. Our cost for health insurance is the highest in the world, being 17 percent of our gross domestic product. Our total population is 350,000,000. By simple division, you are sending $11,212 per person for your insurance.

For that amount of money, I could provide you with my sensational health insurance plan. With my plan, there would be no increase in your cost for health insurance, but you would have my all-inclusive health plan. And to make it even more appealing, I might be able to do it for less — maybe even half at $1.83 trillion.

But there is something you would have to do to help me. Your insurance companies are going to try to convince you that I cannot do what I say, and their plan is better. Don't listen to them. Also, you have to try and familiarize yourself with a "Medicare For All" plan, also known as a single-payer health plan.

Rocco Cirigliano,




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