Letter: A better museum for the Berkshires


To the editor:

Kudos to state Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier for her outspoken public support (Eagle, Sept. 23) of the Berkshire Museum's planned sale of valuable art holdings and her call for a halt of "personal attacks on those guiding the 114-year old institution."

Farley-Bouvier's remarks supporting the decision of the museum's board to sell 40 works of art to make the museum financially strong and a far better place for "the children and the youth and the families" of the entire county should be front and center in this debate. I have been missing the people's voice' during these many weeks of outspoken public debate, though I do remember one brave student speaking up for the museum's decision. I have read oh so much about how members of the wider art community feel, but what about the Berkshire people's position?

Those who come over and over to the Berkshire Museum on an annual basis, all seasons, are the youth, their teachers and families from all over the county, via school trips, summer children's programs and youth learning about community service projects on site (just one example would be the Greenagers hand-built gardens on the museum property). I live in one of the local hilltowns and every year our Becket/Washington teachers plan school trips for children of all ages to the museum, with the hope that students who visit with their school class will return with their families — and many do.

The Berkshire Museum, and the volunteer board members, are trying hard to make this county-wide institution stronger for all of us and should be given more respect for their decisions to sell some of their collection to make this community museum a better place for all its people!

Tommie L. Hutto-Blake,




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