Letter: A better speech, but it's still Trump


To the editor:

I hadn't planned to watch the State of the Union speech Tuesday night but am glad I did. There is nothing I like or admire about Trump but must admit it was the best speech he's given. For once he appeared presidential. This is a man who didn't want to use a teleprompter but has become adept at it. This causes me concern since, if nothing else, he is a salesman. I am concerned that those who are impressed with him will not look deeper and fact check his statements.

I was not impressed with Stacy Abrams' comments in response. We needed a rebuttal to what he claimed, but instead she chose not to respond to the speech but make a statement of her own. I've seen film clips of some of her speeches and feel she is capable of much more enthusiasm than what she expressed.

We can only hope that his taxes will become available and he'll be exposed for the scoundrel he is. The nightmare continues.

Connie Dillon Yannone,




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