Letter: A fired Sessions could flip on Trump

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To the editor:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been criticized so harshly and so often by Donald Trump that it verges on abuse. So why doesn't Trump fire him? One suggested reason is that Trump does not like to fire people. That explanation does not hold water since Trump did get rid of Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn and many others. An alternative possibility comes to mind from analyzing events.

Sessions recused himself from participating in the Justice Department's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign because he was a Trump election campaign surrogate. Furthermore, Sessions did not mention a contact with the Russian ambassador while testifying prior to his appointment as attorney general because, he claimed, it was essentially social rather than being campaign related.

A more sinister explanation for Trump's not firing Sessions comes to mind. Is it possible that Trump ordered Sessions to meet the Russian ambassador to seek dirt on Hillary? In that case, Trump's continued abuse of Sessions may be an attempt to get him to resign, rather than firing him and have Sessions take revenge by revealing their criminal collusion as an incentive to be personally released from prosecution.

Perhaps Special Prosecutor Mueller might offer Sessions immunity to reveal what really happened in his meeting with the Russian ambassador, which is clearly obstruction of justice and a criminal offense justifying impeachment.

Sigmund Tobias,




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