Letter: A letter to the EPA Massachusetts office

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To the editor:

Dear members of the Environmental Protection Agency Massachusetts office:

Writing this letter brings up other situations in my mind where the Lee Select Board in the past has not been forthright with the citizens of Lee. Those concerns are not for this letter, but signing an agreement with General Electric Co. to place a toxic dump site in our town, without a town vote, is truly the cherry on top. We citizens of Lee are voting these selectmen out, one at a time, with the first one gone this year and replaced by a man of integrity. I am looking forward to the other two selectmen voted out in the upcoming elections!

My home being just a mile or two from the purposed dump site creates a profoundly disturbing concept. Now fond thoughts and memories of living near Tanglewood, Jacob's Pillow and other cultural landmarks is overshadowed by this tonic waste dump. My family members that come to vacation at my home have weighed in along with me. If this dump site goes through, I will sell my home where my son was reared and where my family so enjoyed visiting. I will leave Lee, where I have lived for 33 years. If the value of my home depreciates due to this toxic waste site, I will take legal measures against the Lee selectmen to compensate my loss.

Treatment technologies like thermal desorption are more expensive than disposal. Transporting the toxic waste to a processing plant or remote site is also expensive for GE, so they want to simply dredge and dumb locally. I believe our selectmen acted in an uneducated manner that was clouded by dollar signs. GE duped our selectmen and, just as careless as they were to dispose of toxic waste years back, they are even more heartless to place PCBs in the backyard of the fathers, mothers and children of Lee.

The decent and honorable act for GE to do would be to treat or at least dispose of the PCBs outside of Lee or any other Berkshire town. A toxic waste dump should not be near people's homes. The citizens of Lee need you to stand up for us and protect us.

Marytheresa Valleri,




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