Letter: A tale from bear land

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To the editor:

Our front yard has a driveway, a turnaround, a couple of barns, a car and a truck. The back yard is thousands of acres of wilderness and wildlife, that stretches east in to the next county, and miles to a neighbor.

We live in bear country! I do have a few furry tales, the most recent from yesterday. About 5:30, I looked out front for the first view of the day, and was quite surprised to see the passenger door of the truck wide open, the long sleeve of a sweatshirt, hanging, as though reaching to the ground. And there was an empty package of thin chocolate cookies on the ground, that I had fortunately finished the day before.

I looked to the east and saw my wife's car, with its passenger door left fully open. And in the middle, in the driveway, I saw the likely cause. The empty trash barrel I was supposed to wash after the trip to the dump.

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Well, something was up. I looked more closely at the car. Nothing amiss. The truck was slightly different. Something, either a leprechaun or a small bear, had opened the truck, snatched the cookie bag, found it empty, and dropped it. It looked a bit further, put much mud and grass on the center console, and decided to pass over the bag of lemon drops, before moving on.

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Had the intruder looked more carefully, she might have found the 40 pounds of dog chow in the back of the Subaru. Or, the two chocolate bars, somewhat hidden beneath the tools, newspapers and work-clothes-for-all-seasons in the cab of the truck.

Turns out, both vehicles have horizontal door handles, with convenient openings on the top. For a hand, or a medium-sized paw!

Bears are becoming more frequent in this area. After all, this land is their (bear) land. Be careful out there.

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We were very fortunate. We were "bearly" burglarized!

Paul M. Costelloe,



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