Letter: A wise strategy on opioid abuse


To the editor:

Gary Pratt's letter in The Eagle July 12 ("Treat opioid abuse as a societal problem") made so much sense! I hope everyone has a chance to read it, because he states what we must agree to be true: Stop drug abuse by realizing that the "war" on drugs has failed. Stop drug abuse by recognizing that poverty, homelessness and hopelessness are indeed, the "gateways" to drug abuse. Resolve that as a nation, we have responsibilities to our fellow human beings. Treat them fairly by paying a living wage, recognizing the need for mental health treatment, and supporting the families that make up this country.

Thank you, Mr. Pratt, for writing this and may you find only success with your organization, Stop The Stigma.

Dianne Olsen,

North Adams



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