Letter: Act now to stem climate change


To the editor:

Clarence Fanto's excellent commentary in the Aug. 11 Eagle "Crisis of climate change requires a change at the top" ) cited incontrovertible evidence of the devastating effects global warming and the consequent climate change can have on the world. For example, he noted that July was "the hottest month worldwide since records began," and among the hottest months on record even in the Berkshires. In addition, unprecedented temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit were recorded in several major European cities, accompanied by wildfires north of the Arctic Circle and massive meltdowns in Greenland that significantly raised the water levels in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is frightening that the current administration in Washington is doing whatever it can to bury evidence of this disaster. It is even more frightening that politicians around the world are doing little to stem this looming calamity. I am not a climate scientist, but I know that reducing different types of pollution can reduce the harmful effects of global warming. The whole world must act now to reduce global warming, because tomorrow may be too late. The children and grandchildren of everyone on Earth will have to pay the price for our failure to act to stem against this catastrophe.

Lora Tobias,




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