Letter: Add dedication to youth to Darey's accomplishments


To the editor:

I am sure if subscribers read all the news articles regarding the accomplishments of George "Gige" Darey, one could doubt how anything could have been skipped over. However, I believe there was one very important aspect of Gige's impact on others that was not mentioned. This attribute was his commitment and devotion to the youth in our area.

Having grown up in the same neighborhood as Gige, our families have been connected for many years. As a result, I have witnessed how he reached out to kids who had a particular need. This could have been donating funds to make sure kids had a meal. It could have been getting kids enrolled in summer camps so they could learn the basics of conservation, boat safety or developing hunting skills, enrolling them in his speed-reading program at no cost, or bringing high schools students to explore college opportunities. The list could go on and on.

He often said that some of the best years of his life were when he was the Lenox High School cross country ski coach. Gige was the first to admit that he was not an expert on skiing techniques, which he delegated to Ginny Akabane. He was an expert on how to connect with kids, as he had an incredible ability to find ways to encourage, motivate and lead young adults which resulted in their ultimate success. His devotion to his family and others was always transparent. These are the impacts on so many kids, young adults and others that will never be forgotten.

I am confident that everything you may have read about Gige's conservation efforts and accomplishments are accurate and I do not think anyone has been or could have been more effective in those efforts. I believe those accomplishments are equal to the positive impact his efforts have had on many, many kids and young adults in our community. He was a true friend to so many as he extended his hand to assist them in times of need. For these efforts, we are also truly thankful.

Thomas J. Romeo




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