Letter: Addressing hazardous driving in Stockbridge


To the editor:

It seems the debate over the traffic situations in Stockbridge continues. I agreed wholeheartedly with Chief Fennelly when he said too many people are on cell phones, not paying attention, driving too fast and not obeying traffic signals, such is the case with most of the terrible accidents in our area recently. Also, it is a real hazard for police to be out there in traffic, which will be slowed down by people looking for information and/or directions in the middle of it all.

The state must have approved all the flashing, solar powered stop signs that we see. Why can't we try that for six months along with moving the crosswalks and signage well in advance of all stop signs?

Additionally, won't the bump-outs take away parking spaces and make it more difficult for our Highway Department to keep our streets clear in winter?

Roberta Skowron,




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