Letter: An invitation to Neal to Mumbet celebration


To the editor:

An Open Letter to Rep. Richard Neal

Dear Rep. Neal,

I am a lifelong Democrat, descended from a family of life-long Democrats, folks who had photos of FDR and JFK on their parlor walls. Here is why I voted for your opponent in last year's Democratic primary: I have never seen you in person. I have not been given the opportunity to see you in person. Before last year's primary, I checked you out: The last time you visited Great Barrington was May of 2017. I don't believe you have ever been to Sheffield. Your opponent spoke at the Sheffield Library.

It was a sad day when Berkshire County lost our representative and we were rolled into your constituency. When you said, in Monday's Eagle, "Look, I'm Springfield," that said it all. Why should anyone in South County in particular vote for someone who clearly does not care about us?

If you really want to prove that you care about the residents of Sheffield, I have an invitation for you. Please come and attend Mumbet Day, which, this year, should be on Sunday, August 19. If you do not know who Mumbet was, shame on you. She was the first slave freed in America, the first civil rights case to be settled in a court of law, and she lived as a slave in Sheffield. I will send you a reminder as the day draws near.

Our state representative, Smitty Pignatelli, has never missed a Mumbet celebration, and appears at all our local events. Elizabeth Warren has spoken in Great Barrington. Where have you been? I look forward to meeting you sometime in Sheffield.

Joyce Hawkins,




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