Letter: Another 4 years of Trump - and Barr - could leave US unrecognizable

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To the editor:

Dr. Anthony Fauci is the leading medical expert in virus epidemics and pandemics, while President Donald Trump knows absolutely nothing about medicine.

How then is it possible that millions follow the coronavirus advice of a lying politician over that of a doctor who has spent his entire career studying viruses? It's only a matter of life and death. Nothing to worry about.

How can Senate Republican zombies blindly follow Trump when it comes to anything? Are they afraid of him? And let's face it, Trump is not a Republican. In fact, he was a Democrat for most of his life. But being a racist, he and his followers were so angry that they had to endure a Black president for eight years, they would have voted for anyone who was in possession of white skin.

Then there is U.S. Attorney General William Barr. Having been confirmed for the second time as Attorney General of the United States, he was quite familiar with the job description of that office. It was an honor to be the American people's top cop, but he took it upon himself to lower his title to Trump's fixer.

His appearance in front of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives was a total waste of time. Individual members of the committee took their turn at grandstanding, knowing in advance that they would not get any answers from Barr, who is trying to catch up to Trump when it comes to lying. For some reason Jerry Nadler, chairman of the committee, should have known that nothing would come from interviewing Barr. When it was suggested that the House of Representatives impeach Barr, Nadler thought that would be a waste of time since those same zombies in the Senate would not convict him. I disagree. The House can easily impeach him in order for all future generations to see the word "impeachment" like the Scarlet Letter next to his name.

If Trump were to win reelection and keep his enabler at the Justice Department for another four years, the country would become unrecognizable.

Charles Steinhacker,

Great Barrington



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