Letter: Another assault by divider-in-chief

To the editor:

We protested against the Vietnam War and the injustice of racial oppression in the sixties. They tried to hijack our patriotism then by accusing us of disrespecting the flag, the government, and the country. `Love it, or leave it!'

We did love our country. We loved it enough to criticize what was wrong. We loved it enough to try to correct the injustice.

I thought we had made a difference. We had moved the discussion and had helped improve the situation, but had not eliminated the injustice completely.

Now we have a president that is hijacking the patriotism of those that are still protesting racial oppression. He pits us against each other, two groups that both love our country and want to make it better. Donald Trump is dragging us back to more racially divided reality. He validates white supremacists and criticizes peaceful black protesters.

The First Amendment of the Constitution gives us all the right to peacefully protest. We get to decide the time, manner, and place of that protest. The NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem have made it clear that their intent is not to disrespect the flag or the military.

This is just another attack on our democratic principles and institutions by our `divider in chief."

Leon Serra



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