Letter: Anti-labor Eagle apes BMC position

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To the editor:

In its Oct. 1 editorial ("Nurses' strike won't resolve issues on table") The Eagle wrote of the then impending nurses' strike at Berkshire Medical Center, "Strike/lockouts elsewhere in Massachusetts this summer did not change the dynamic between nurses and administrators and there is no reason to believe the situation will be any different here. So why go forward?"

Aping the arguments BMC's overpaid administrators have repeatedly made during the past several months, The Eagle went on to write, "Staffing levels must have flexibility given the difference in size between rural hospitals in Western Massachusetts and the large teaching hospitals of Boston."

The Eagle's editorial board seems not to understand the symbolic power of organized labor refusing to obey in the face of unacceptable conditions imposed by dictatorial and unyielding managers. The MNA's strike against BMC is no different in this sense from NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem.

More importantly, The Eagle's implication that we should not expect the best possible nursing care at BMC because we don't live near "the large teaching hospitals of Boston" ought to be repugnant to everyone who reads this newspaper. We've taken plenty of lumps from wealthy, entitled interests over the years here in the Berkshires. Enough is enough. It seems to infuriate many people that unions still have some power in this country, despite four decades of relentless legislative and judicial assault on American organized labor by owners, managers and capitalists of all stripes.

I'm disappointed to see that the editorial board of The Eagle has planted its banner in the anti-labor camp.

Steve Dew,




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