Letter: Aquifer study needed on resort proposal

To the editor:

I dropped in on a posted meeting of the Water & Sewer Committee, on Tuesday, Nov. 7. I was seeking its input on an idea for a Lake Averic groundwater aquifer study.

Since they were not on the posted agenda, I was taken aback to find Attorney Martin and an engineer from "The Design Group" making a presentation to the full water and sewer board on their client's proposal for a resort at the 37 Interlaken property.

The presentation developed into an exchange between The Design Group engineer and our guys of information relating to the feasibility of their project area which overlays the Lake Averic Watershed recharge area. I made a hasty pitch to the board that they consider an in-depth Lake Averic aquifer study as 37 Interlaken's property is situated on a bedrock formation shared with and containing underground flows, in common with the town's sole source of municipal water.

Committee Chairman Don Schneyer suggested that I also bring the aquifer study concern to the Select Board and Planning Board. I hope to act on Don's suggestion.

The changes to our Cottage-Era Estate Bylaw which were drafted by town counsel and our former Select Board chair would have been a green light for a resort and condo-hotel complex on the groundwater recharge for our source of municipal water in Stockbridge.

Denny Alsop,



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