Letter: Art to be sold is part of Berkshire history

To the editor:

While the law and the regulations may authorize the sale of the Berkshire Museum's valuable art pieces proposed, in my opinion the decision of the museum authorities is flawed.

I have lived in Pittsfield all my life. The diversity of the museum's collections introduced me to many different disciplines at various stages of my life, from pre-school, elementary school, high school and as an adult. The art it is planning to sell is a very important part of the history of the Berkshires.

Not that it is dispositive, but I would be curious to know how the Crane family, whose generous predecessors made the museum possible, and how the Rockwell family would feel about the proposed sale. This decision seems reminiscent of the dismantling of the old train station. Some things just can't be replaced.

Alfred A. Barbalunga,



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