Letter: Balance Warren DNA test with Trump IQ test

To the editor:

The Eagle has allowed the right-wing noise machine once again set the terms of the debate by even suggesting that Senator Elizabeth Warren should "take a DNA test."

The woman has not been accused of rape and is not the respondent in a paternity suit. This is roughly equivalent to demanding Obama's "long form birth certificate" or that he release his college transcripts to prove that is isn't an idiot who got into Harvard via affirmative action. That was racism. This is misogyny. It is misogyny because male politicians, notably Trump himself, have not been held to the same standard.

How about if Warren agrees to a DNA test if Trump agrees to an IQ test, since he repeatedly claims to be a genius — which is undoubtedly offensive to actual geniuses?

It might be a better "teachable moment" if Warren agreed to participate in Professor Gates' TV show, "Finding Your Roots." That would add important context to this discussion rather than a simple DNA test.

Gordon G. Forbes,

Spencertown, N.Y.


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