Letter: Barr symptomatic of our failing democracy

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To the editor:

I find it a bit puzzling that the role of Bill Barr, the attorney general of the United States, is not getting the negative press it deserves — not just a single condemnation, but a focus on a continuing basis! After all, it is really Barr who, for reasons difficult to fathom in terms of his solipsistic interpretation of the Constitution, who has provided Trump his "rationale" for his delusional notion of being above the law.

Even today's Royals do not have that privilege. All constitutional monarchies are above the law! Were the Queen of England to shoot someone on Regent Street in London, she'd surely not get away with it! These days, one can only wonder how the inspectors general (most of whom have already been fired) would eventually treat our "above the law" Trump after his 5th Ave. shooting. Would he be taken to Rikers Island's disgusting jail? Would he be eventually sanctioned by Mike Pence?

In today's climate of an unbelievable challenge to our democracy (not to mention our physical survival in the face of the pandemic) there seems much too much silence in confronting the status quo, as if we are simply praying for Biden's win, as our savior. It seems so unbelievable our system of governance is obviously defective to have come to this state of affairs, where a foreign power's influence and an archaic Electoral College process can dictate our lives in ways that are far from democratic.

Leo Goldberger,




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