Letter: Barrett has expertise district requires

To the editor:

Our area needs help and John Barrett is the one who can do it! He has more experience than the other contestants for state representative and he has great connections with leaders throughout our county and state.

John really cares about this area. He has dedicated his whole life to improving the lives of residents. He fought hard to keep Sprague Electric here and it stayed open a lot longer than it wanted to! John worked relentlessly to keep the hospital open. It did not close under his watch. Look at Mass MoCA! That was due to John's efforts.

We cannot afford to lose his expertise! He, like many of us, want this area to thrive again and be treated fairly in this state. Read his latest mailing. He wants the state to fund education the way it used to and he does not want as much money sent east to be spent on its failing transit system. He will fight for what is fair for our county!

Please vote for John Barrett on Tuesday. We are running out of time. Don't lose the last chance we have.

Donna Bona Morgan,

North Adams


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