Letter: Be a Super Voter in Sept. 4 primary

To the editor:

Are you a Super Voter? This is a person who votes in all elections, even those that occur when there is not a presidential election. I wish to encourage all of us to be Super Voters.

The up-coming Massachusetts primary on Tuesday, Sept. 4 will be our chance to vote for a Berkshire County district attorney, gubernatorial candidates, senators, representatives and more. Primary registration deadline is Aug. 15, absentee ballots are due by Aug. 31. Remember, you are entitled to vote in primaries even if unaffiliated with a particular political party. Some of the issues that matter to me are healthcare for all, including protecting people with pre-existing conditions, a clean environment, student debt relief, a humane immigration policy and a $15 an hour minimum wage.

Make your voices heard. Find out more @sec.state.ma.us. If you haven't already, make a plan when you will vote. Consider going with friends and family and assisting those who may need some extra help getting to the polls.

Your vote matters, let's make a difference.

Cathy S. Kogan

Great Barrington


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