Letter: Beloved country is consumed by hate

To the editor:

It feels like we went down the rabbit hole with Alice but didn't end up in Wonderland. This is not the beautiful country I once knew with imperfections I had hoped would change in my lifetime.

If I watch the news channels, I change the station when Donald Trump appears. I still watch Jake Tapper of CNN and Chuck Todd and Brian Williams of MSNBC as much as possible. I sometimes turn to FOX to see what the opposition is saying because I think it's healthy to know how others are interpreting the news. The guests I enjoy are knowledgeable people who have been around for a long time, namely David Gergen, John Meacham, Eugene Robinson, Doris Kearns Goodwin, David Ignatius and others who have observed many presidents. Their insight in invaluable, and we can learn so much from them.

I was not naive enough to expect bigotry to disappear when Barack Obama became our president, but I had hoped some of those with negative attitudes would become more open-minded. Instead, his presidency only seems to have fueled the hatred some people feel. I've never understood why some people think they're better than others. Those people are not worth a second thought. I will always be grateful for Obama's eight years in office, as hard as it was with a Republican Congress that was hell-bent on making it difficult for him. He and his beautiful family are an inspiration to all of us.

We need to educate our children and society as a whole about government and teach them to read as much as possible so they can make informed decisions when they go to the polls. I am grateful to The Eagle for allowing me to express my opinions.

Connie Dillon Yannone,



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