Letter: Berkshire Flyer is wise investment in future


To the editor:

We believe the Berkshire Flyer's grand notion of reconnecting the Berkshires to New York City is a near reality, based on the MassDOT working group's final report and the support it has generated among so many stakeholders. To us, the Berkshire Flyer is more than a train. It represents an invaluable addition to the architecture of our beautiful county; it is an integral stepping stone on the pathway towards a future bright with economic growth, cultural expansion and social prosperity.

We give hearty thanks to Realtor Billy Keane, who brought our passion to this project when serving on the MassDOT working group, and for the vision of all the leaders who were appointed to study new ways to advance this project. We offer sincere kudos to state Sen. Hinds for his determination in creating this opportunity and to Ed Sporn for thinking outside of the previous routes to develop a practical option that can work.

As Realtors, our business is not in simply selling real estate, but in marketing the Berkshires as a home for some and a destination for others. We believe deeply in the potential for economic growth, particularly in the housing sector, and proudly support any endeavor which seeks to contribute to his achievement.

The economic benefits associated with direct rail service to NYC from the Berkshires are clear: boosting the tourist economy; reversing population decline; showcasing the county as an area worth investing in by corporations desiring the serenity and beauty of the area while still maintaining simple connectivity to NYC. And yes, we expect property values to appreciate in turn with this economic and cultural expansion.

But we see more than these talking points when we look at a project like the Berkshire Flyer. We see hope. We see optimism. We see the civic pride and self-respect that a county like ours needs in order to invest in ourselves, to invest in our community. The Berkshire Flyer is nothing less than an investment in our future, as to build an infrastructure for growth is certainly a prerequisite for growth to take hold.

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The Berkshire County Board of Realtors looks forward to continuing to support this project in every way possible. A successful future can never be taken for granted and it is only through the tireless pursuit of every opportunity presented that we will realize a successful future.

So, let's do what we can to make this thing happen. Let's work hard to ensure this tremendous opportunity becomes a reality. And if there be naysaying, as there always is, let's answer it with three cheers for our beautiful Berkshire County, three cheers for our local business economy, and three cheers for The Berkshire Flyer!

Cortney Dupont,

Sandra Carroll,


The authors are, respectively, the 2018 president and the chief executive officer of the Berkshire County Board of Realtors & MLS


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