Letter: Berkshire Museum resembles tag sale

To the editor:

When did this Berkshire Museum mission statement change? "Statement of purpose, 1995-2014 — Sharon Bloome: The Berkshire Museum encompasses three major areas: the arts, natural sciences, and local history. The museum's mission is to present exhibitions, programs, and events in these three areas for the education, enrichment, and enjoyment of the community and its visitors. The Berkshire Museum develops, refines and preserves its collection of works of art and artifacts of historical or scientific interest and importance, endeavoring to maintain a reasonable balance among the three major areas. As a museum for the Berkshire region, the museum recognizes its obligation to reach out to the community, especially the young, and all of the constituencies who will benefit from the museum's programs and exhibitions."

I do not have any faith that the directors and board members will make things good with their decisions. I don't trust their vision, and I'm concerned that yet another major renovation will further destroy the integrity of the building.

The last major renovation sickened my heart. What happened to the magnificently painted artists' depiction of flora and fauna on the vaulted ceiling? A new, flat white ceiling replaced it. They took away the beautiful displays that showed many animals in their local habitat, and in its place pinned dead birds to a stark white wall. (Not exaggerating!)

Currently, some of the exhibits of the birds in their habitat are back, but they suffer from dust and fading and could use some TLC. I visited the museum a couple of weeks ago, and it looked like a flea market in the mummy room. How can we trust them with a vision for the future of the museum when they can't even create a nice vision from what they have in front of their eyes? That room looked exactly the same in August 2016 as it did this past August — like they were clearing out the basement and storing things there to get ready for a big tag sale!

Donna Hitchcock,



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