Letter: Bernard would bring many skills to bear

To the editor:

I am writing today to share my support for Tom Bernard for mayor of North Adams. I have gotten to know Tom well over the past eight years and have come to respect his knowledge, willingness to listen, thoroughness and thoughtfulness.

Tom has a passion for North Adams that starts with his family and extends to the community as a whole. The role of a mayor has many facets. At times you must be a cheerleader for your community. Tom has that energy. Oftentimes you must be a strict leader with the ability to set standards and willingness to hold people accountable. Tom has that ability. A good mayor must understand all perspectives, even if you do not always agree. Tom possesses that vision.

Our future growth will rely on a leader who is able to navigate challenges, hurdles and even roadblocks. Tom possesses the agility to do that. Our region will be faced with the need to find new collaborations and even thoughtful consolidations. Tom possesses the relationship-building skills to accomplish that.

Our next mayor will need to possess a variety of skills, strengths and knowledge. I believe that person is Tom Bernard. Please consider all the skills and assets Tom Bernard will bring to City Hall and to our community as our next mayor when you vote on Nov. 7.

Glenn M. Maloney,

North Adams


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