Letter: Big iceberg leads to media fear-mongering

To the editor:

I am writing to bring attention to the fear-mongering that has been introduced in the media coverage of the event described in the article titled "Climate change biggest iceberg on record detaches from Antartica (sic)," (Eagle, July 12). When this event was reported by CNN — no shrinking violet on climate issues — it was plainly stated that the iceberg was "half the size of the largest iceberg ever recorded" and that the team of scientists involved in studying the calving of this iceberg had not yet found, in their own words, "any link to human-induced climate change." Yet now, in The Eagle (via the Washington Post), the size of the iceberg seems to have magically increased and the event is headlined as a climate change story (apparently through citations to people who weren't involved in the study, while ignoring the statements of the people who were).

Climate change is an important public policy issue, but that doesn't justify media-fueled fear mongering where actual science gives results that appear to differ from the narrative of climate change activists.

Mike Nelson



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