Letter: Blackmer's persistence will help us in Boston

To the editor:

Being a state legislator, contrary to popular opinion, is a very demanding position. It takes great stamina and an ability to juggle 100 things at once, all the while maintaining a sincere ear to listen to your constituents, colleagues, experts, and especially those who need your help.

Only one of the candidates for the 1st Berkshire state representative has demonstrated the dogged determination to do mountains of hard work, listen, help others and still engage daily with our community. That person is Lisa Blackmer.

There is something about a woman who has made her own name, put herself through school while raising a family (and continues her education to this day), taken care of those around her and succeeded despite many obstacles. Every working woman knows the feeling of exhaustion while there is still work to be done. Lisa is the only candidate working full-time and while campaigning. Her endurance has earned my deep respect.

Lisa perseveres and will do so on behalf of those of us in Northern Berkshire County and the entire commonwealth. Join me in voting for her on Oct. 10 and again on Nov. 7.

Robin Meyer,

North Adams


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