Letter: Breakfast choice was bad for the environment

To the editor:

I was pleased to see an in-depth article recognizing the tremendous accomplishments Jane Winn and Berkshire Environmental Action Team have spearheaded with respect to improving and protecting the environment in Berkshire County over the years ("Eggs and cinnamon toast with Jane Winn," Eagle, Oct. 29).

I was surprised to see that Jane ordered bacon and eggs at her breakfast with the reporter. She must be aware of the out-sized carbon footprint animal agriculture has on the environment, whether that agriculture is based across the country or across the street. What you choose to include or exclude from your plate can make a huge impact on your personal carbon footprint.

Although the phrase, "a person eating a plant-based diet driving a Hummer has a lower carbon footprint than an omnivore driving a Prius" may be an overstatement, the adage "real environmentalists don't eat meat" isn't. Knowing how concerned Jane is about the environment, I hope she makes more earth-friendly choices when preparing or ordering her next meal.

Michael Roth,



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