Letter: Caccaviello offers integrity, experience

To the editor:

I will be voting for Paul Caccaviello for district attorney. He has the most experience. He is a man of integrity who has been a public servant in his home town for the past 28 years.

He represented my family during a terrible time in our lives. Explaining everything we would need to know in each court proceeding. Mr. Caccaviello fought for us and the man did receive the maximum sentence. The level of professionalism and concern he showed my family will never be forgotten. Everyone in the DA's office was professional, compassionate and courteous.

After watching the circus in the White House I will be voting for tried and true experience and not promises from less experienced eager candidates. All of this makes me extremely confident in voting for him come September.

There will always be somebody trying to find something negative to say about any candidate so I ask that you do your research and vote for the candidate you think will do the best job. And in my opinion that is Acting District Attorney Paul Caccaviello.

Greta Valuski,



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