Letter: Can't beat him, impeach him

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To the editor:

When Donald Trump ran for president, the liberal Democrats were working on the false narrative that he was an asset of the Russians and he used their support to win the presidency, a total lie! The Mueller report failed to provide evidence to fulfill the liberal Democrats' wish: impeachment rather than defeating our president.

When collusion failed liberal Democrats turned to obstruction to impeach President Trump. When obstruction failed, the liberal Democrats tried the sex scandal, another failure. Then liberal Democrats tried their old "racist" chants, again to no avail. With the support of the intelligence community they got a "whistleblower" [leaker]. A new path to impeachment.

Why doesn't everyone see a pattern here? Liberal Democrats can't win the election with only socialists running, so they must impeach and eliminate the majority of our votes, sounds like communism to me.

Liberal Democrats beware: Attorney General William Barr"s criminal investigation will focus on the real criminals and members of the silent coup. Hillary and Obama should be shaking in their boots. Hopefully, this will put an end to the liberal Democrats.

It's a never-ending story of lies and fake news.

Thomas D. Gilardi,




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