Letter: Capitalism's impact on ideals of Lyft


To the editor:

Lyft (like Uber) is a driver-for-hire company that initially offered the best of capitalism (the new idea of a 24/7 on-call car service), while embracing a socialist goal of reducing income inequality by allowing part-time drivers to add to their income with good pay and a flexible work schedule — at least that was how it started out.

Then Lyft decided to promote the business by selling shares on the stock market. To make their stock more attractive Lyft has been driving down the pay of their drivers, thereby making more profit — the classic goal of capitalism. In response, the Lyft drivers, who are the key element in the company's success, have called for a strike.

This is a prime example of the inevitable clash between capitalism and its tendency to seek profit at all costs, and the socialistic goal of promoting the common welfare by recognizing the inherent dignity of every person's need for good health care, a sound education and a living wage that allows for the raising of a family in, God willing, their own home.

As 2020 approaches, may we Americans dare to maturely debate the pluses and minuses of both capitalism and socialism, focusing on their impact on our country, especially on the most vulnerable among us!

Dick Magenis,




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