Letter: Carousel was destined to fail

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To the editor:

The Berkshire Carousel is a true work of art. It is everything that it was promised to be, plus some. And I hate to say "I told you so" but unfortunately the carousel promoters still are not listening.

When it opened, I said it would be closed within two years. Anyone who has taken time to go down to the remote location that turned out to be Door #4 for this perfect drawing card will probably agree that location is the primary reason that such a work of art has failed miserably, but it is not the sole reason.

My childhood memories of the "merry-go-round" are of a wide open, outdoor, sunlit experience. Surrounded by waving and smiling people, many that were only there to enjoy the colorful animals, the music, and to watch children enjoying themselves. When I saw the building being erected, I assumed that the outer walls were easily removable or possibly able to be raised up and out to provide shade for onlookers. It never dawned on me that this would not allow people to enjoy the sights without paying admission. After all of the public support both vocally and financially, I am surprised that no one is allowed to even observe the carousel without paying an admission fee. Perhaps the current state of affairs is the result of that policy.

I don't believe the carousel is a "destination." More like an attraction at a destination.

I have some tongue-in-cheek suggestions for an alternative location. But first... "tear down those walls!"

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# 1. The vacant property that is for sale at the entrance to Wahconah Park between Adrian's and Tahiti Takeout.

# 2. The Berkshire Common on First Street. (Yes, I know all about that fiasco )

# 3. Maybe somewhere close to Mass. MoCA.

Let's face it, the carousel is a failure. Great intentions, great effort, sad results.

Richard Daly, Sr.



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