Letter: Cell tower plan is totally unacceptable

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To the editor:

We are writing to voice our extremely strong opposition to the construction of a cell tower behind Zucchini's restaurant in Pittsfield.

Living just up the block from the proposed tower, we are alarmed that a cell tower would be considered for an area surrounded by numerous residential neighborhoods. Given all of the potential health issues associated with such a tower, most especially among an aging population, it is unconscionable that it be placed there. There are so many "open" areas around Pittsfield that are not so densely populated that would be far more appropriate and safe for a tower to be placed and must be considered.

In short, it is totally unacceptable that a cell tower even be considered and/or placed behind Zucchini's and we expect our elected representatives to prevent this from moving forward.

Bruce and Elyce Misher,




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