Letter: Circus life is miserable for animals


To the editor:

Upon opening the Berkshire section of the Eagle Saturday, the annual display that saddens me, year after year, was filling the front page once again: "Circus sets up in Dalton," accompanied by a photo of a camel being brought out of a trailer.

Would you like to be cooped up in that dark, airless interior for any length of time? Can you imagine the misery the camels endure as they are transported from one town to another for hours, even days, at a time?

At journey's end, a circus animal's life is pure misery. They perform, only to avoid pain, and many audiences are now being turned off by all the cruelty that has been exposed.

Today, those who enjoy a circus are turning, more and more, to circuses where the performers are 100 percent human. Talented people are forging a career under the big top, entertaining a circus audience looking for something they can support.

I, and many others who feel the same, are looking forward to the day that, when the circus comes to town, it will not be accompanied by a trailer transporting animals.

Edna Dugan,




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