Letter: Clarksburg school is town's heart, soul

To the editor:

I am writing to ask that Clarksburg residents support the renovation of our school.

I have been a Clarksburg homeowner since 1980. I have been an NASC/MCLA instructor/assistant professor of education since 1970. So many of my college pre-service teachers wanted to be in Clarksburg for their internships and student teaching. And, how successful they were! Why? It's the outstanding teachers of our town who provide the quality education to the town's children.

Jennifer Stratton, a first grade teacher at our school, wrote an excellent letter to the editor on Nov. 6 ("Ignore detractors, back Clarksburg school plan"). Her commitment to the children of our town is so obvious. She is very special!

At age 73 and a retired educator, I say that a town's school is the heart and soul of that community. We have a superb school. Support it! If you want to jump on the Trump bandwagon — lower taxes — where will our town end up? Ask the billionaire who hasn't released his federal tax returns.

The children of our town are our future. The research on this issue is very clear: People buy homes or build homes in a community with a quality school system. So, please come out and vote for our future generation in our town. Please vote yes to support our town's school.

Neil McLeod,



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