Letter: 'Climate change experts' have no credibility

To the editor:

The Eagle recently printed a long story about how human activity producing CO2 is causing "global warming." Did The Eagle ever print any of the other explanations of climate change?

The "climate change experts" who put out the reports such as that cited by The Eagle all rely on the CO2-based global warming story for their jobs. They are hopelessly biased and have no credibility. An objective reporter would have no financial connection with climate dynamics, but have a working knowledge of statistics, and science in general. Humbly I offer my services.

Obviously the climate changes. Dinosaurs roamed the torrid swamps that were later covered with ice a mile deep. The mechanism for this is well known: periodic variations of the earth's orbit, and variation of the sun's output. Mankind, the supposed CO2 creator, was not around at the time.

So-called data analysis by the global warming crowd is a case study of bad science. Some data has been simply made up. Other data is real, but is carefully selected to suggest global warming. Temperature readings are increasingly taken in large urban areas that are known the be hotter than rural areas. Satellite measurements which show no temperature increase are ignored. Other gases like methane and especially water vapor hare far greater greenhouse effect than CO2. Just a few examples. You will find many more.

The classic statistical blunder is to confuse correlation with causality. When CO2 levels were higher than at present the climate was warmer. True, but was the CO2 the cause of warming, or did warming from other causes, melt permafrost thereby releasing CO2. Something that the "experts" don't mention is that the warming preceded the CO2 increase. Go figure.

There are several serious reviews of the "global warming" argument on the internet. If you call the authors "deniers," you are substituting name-calling for logical debate.

<em>Ed Dartford,



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