Letter: CNN not needed to judge Trump's words

To the editor:

In a heated exchange on CNN last Sunday, senior policy advisor Stephen Miller chided Jake Tapper when he was denied time to make a favorable point about the president. Miller was incredulous: "You have 24 hours a day of anti-Trump material. You're not going to give three minutes for the American people to hear the real experience of Donald Trump?"

It's no secret that Trump hates CNN, but for Miller to propose that he needs a few minutes of CNN's airtime to help Americans clarify their understanding of the president is absurd. Trump knows this, so he relies on a twitter strategy designed to sidestep the media and reach the American people directly. To appreciate the real Trump, then, we should do as he would have it. We should turn away from CNN and consider nothing more than his own words, upon which there can be no media unfairness.

No doubt we remember what he said when he boasted that his celebrity status allowed him to freely grab women by the crotch. We might also recall his equally crude insult of Megan Kelly: "blood was coming out of her wherever." And who can forget when he told a group of Native American veterans they have one of their own in Congress, "they call her Pocahontas." In recent days we've seen tweets in reference to Kim Jong-Un, "I too have a nuclear button, but mine is much bigger," and in defense of his own intellect in which he hailed himself "a very stable genius."

Despite Stephen Miller's outburst, I don't need CNN to help me get to the core of Trump. I understand him to be misogynistic, racially callous, insecure and egotistical, and I derive these insights by his own unfiltered words, plain and simple.

Steve Smith,



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