Letter: Compare and contrast, Mueller and Trump

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To the editor:

Are there two public figures of the same age that are more different than Robert Mueller III and Donald J. Trump? Mueller is a dedicated adherent to the rule of law and the establishment of fact. For Mueller, the truth is paramount. Trump stretches the law for his own personal convenience and promulgates "alternative facts." Fact checkers have attributed over 10,000 lies and distortions to the public statements made by Trump/

Trump talks tough, usually in a divisive way, and takes credit even for things he hasn't accomplished and always blames someone else when something goes awry. Mueller, in contrast, proved his toughness as a war hero and is low key and understated with regard to his many accomplishments on behalf of our country. Mueller's courage is indisputable. What can you say about the courage of a man who spends weekends at Mar-A-Lago at taxpayers' expense while separating desperate refugee children from their desperate, courageous families?Both men were born into privilege. But Mueller has preferred service to country over greater wealth. Trump has exploited his public service to add to his family wealth. Mueller has stated that the most important factor in choosing staff is integrity. The level of integrity of those chosen by Trump, both in his campaign and in much of the executive branch, speaks for itself.

Yet it is Trump who has directed personal attacks at Mueller. Mueller, much to the chagrin of Trump critics, has not taken the bait and has responded only by performing his duty. Mueller the patriot has emphasized that Russian influence on our elections is a threat to democracy. Trump the narcissist downplays it. Maybe because it will aid his re-election, after which our democracy may no longer be there to lose!          Being almost the same age as both men, I recall when public figures as role models could be an inspiration: President Eisenhower who had led the liberation of Europe in WW II; JFK with his unifying call to "ask what you can do for your country;" LBJ and MLK for civil rights; Reagan leading the free world vs. communism. If this still matters, whom do we want our children and grandchildren to look up to, the likes of Robert Mueller or the likes of Donald Trump?

Jim Ciullo,


Jim Ciullo,




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