Letter: Complex issues require united approach


To the editor:

The ability of government to solve problems is in crisis. It may be hopeless. The border, immigration, asylum seekers, undocumented workers are all related issues and best addressed together.

Problem solving will happen if: we cease identifying others as demons; we seek benefits of political solutions opposed to political conflict; we appreciate that selflessness produces greater gain then selfishness; we don't accept an underclass; we value contributions all make to economy, culture, society; we recognize employing undocumented workers is unlawful as is seeking undocumented employment; we share responsibility for the issue since we enjoy benefits as do undocumented migrants and all who wish to enter the country.

The issues of immigration, chain migration, protective status, asylum, lottery immigration, visa entrance, worker status and more require discussion and may need adjustment. Growth and inclusion will lead to a prosperous future. Establishing safe harbor for all undocumented migrants who remain and creating a path for those seeking citizenship are part of the solution. The ability to ethically, morally and productively solve problems is the best example the country has to offer. Resources, skill, compassion and good work is why America can be great.

Len Price,




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