Letter: Conspiracy theories defy Eagle standards


To the editor:

The June 17 letter headlined "Send in the clowns" by Thomas D. Gilardi serves as a frightening glimpse into the mindset of many Trump supporters. He admits to only watching Fox news for the past year, and claims a vast conspiracy among all other major media outlets to the detriment of the president because "They hate America and President Trump."

So without having watched MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, or PBS for a year, Mr. Gilardi is certain that the thousands of employees who comprise these large news organizations all hate America and are conspiring to provide false information to the public for the purpose of damaging the president. The greatest conspiracy in the history of the world is being carried out in plain sight on your television, all day, every day.

This colossal act of malfeasance presents a sort of circus of entertainment to the non-watching Mr. Gilardi, who finds great comfort and joy in what he perceives to be Trump's role as ringmaster. I infer that Mr. Gilardi must follow President Trump's frequent tweets and comments quite closely, to be so informed on the fake news. And like most Trump supporters he is certain that Trump does not, and would not lie, though the fact-checking professionals at the Washington Post have attributed over 10,000 false and misleading statements to him.

Like all Trump supporters I have come across, they offer zero evidence of lies or misdeeds carried out by the fake news, and zero evidence to support their assertions that Trump is a great president. It is a delusion that has overtaken up to 40 percent of the country that they view this conman who has lied and cheated at every stage of his life as the sole purveyor of the truth. For a democracy to function, it is essential that truth be determined so that fact and fiction can be distinguished.

The Berkshire Eagle is a fine local newspaper and has served the community well over my entire lifetime. It provides an invaluable service in providing a forum for a wide range of ideas to be discussed, and for readers to express personal opinions. But it is not an open forum for anyone to say anything. Mr. Gilardi's conspiracy theory that all major news organizations are conspiring against the president is beyond the pale of what could be considered acceptable.

The Eagle prints a disclaimer at the bottom of the letters page which states, "The Eagle reserves the right to edit letters and does not print every letter it receives. The Eagle will not publish letters that violate standards of good taste, make libelous accusations, ad hominem arguments, or endorse commercial products." It is my firm belief that Gilardi's letter violates at least three of the prohibited categories and is offensive to many in the community.

Paul Brazie,




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