Letter: Continue long history of Mt. Greylock tower

To the editor:

Mt. Greylock is indeed a unique natural resource that provides a home to the War Memorial Tower, Bascom Lodge and the TV/radio tower, all of which are located in the town of Adams. As a native of Adams, they all are an important part of my heritage. I therefore take umbrage with Andy Davis's letter, "WAMC plan continues desecration of Greylock."

To me, the TV tower was (and is ) especially important as it brought TV to Adams in the mid 1950s with a strong, reliable signal. Up until that time the only station o ut of Albany was difficult if not impossible to receive.

The transmitter station also provided temporary shelter when one was hiking the mountain during the winter months. That was the case on Jan. 1, 1959, when our Explorer Scout Group spent the night at the Williams Outing Club cabin and made it to the top before descending down the Thunderbolt trail and back home.

I was a listener to WAMC before Mr. Chartock's leadership and am a supporter today. Therefore I applaud the efforts to save the tower and allow its continued use.

Mr. Davis notes that in 1852, there was "no radio tower on Greylock." Well, there was no electricity either — on Greylock or anywhere else.

David Hathaway,



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