Letter: Coverage should reflect seriousness

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To the editor:

The cheery, what-me-worry, tone of your article (come on in, here's a daffodil, don't worry, be happy) belies the fact that we are suffering from an epidemic whose local sources have not even been able to be traced and which, for anyone older than 60 or with comorbidities, can result in a ghastly death. ("Pandemic presents 'unprecedented' challenge to public life in Berkshires," Eagle, March 15.)

Anyone who feels (probably because they are not in the directly affected at-risk group) free to mingle and take risks forgets that they while they might not be at terrible risk directly, they make themselves possible carriers (it transmits during the incubation period) of this miserable disease.

Why not isolate? Why not take pains to not be in groups? What is the problem with extreme caution when it benefits your family and your community? What is it about people that makes them want to dare the fates when it is not necessary?

Look at what is happening in Italy — it could easily happen here, but worse, if precautions are not taken. It's not alarmist, it's common sense and survival.

Mady Wolkenstein,




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