Letter: Cozy Nook situation shows need for reform


To the editor:

After more than 14 years of living in Lenox full-time and trying to follow town meetings and local issues, I admit that I don't know what's on and what's not on the books regarding preservation, renovation and repurposing of old buildings.

Recent example: I re-read three Eagle articles (Aug. 11, 2017; Mar. 27, 2018; July 20, 2019) about the Chabad venture in Lenox and related letters to the editor. All these words leave me wondering what the town itself could have done to monitor and help with the upkeep of Cozy Nook before and after its sale to Chabad, while respecting the rights of each owner and Lenox's own finances.

Going forward, might current regulations be clearly and succinctly explained to townspeople? Then, might suggestions for changes to the regulations, with their pros and cons, also be put forth simply? Right now, it's hard for some residents who are interested but not experts on land use and zoning to know whether they and the town are diligently enough watching buildings in danger.

Francine Weinberg,




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