Letter: D.A. race, Sept. 11, and issues of justice


To the editor:

Last week, after plenty of debates and good media coverage, Democratic primary voters in Berkshire County chose to replace an appointed district attorney in large measure because of years of hard-line practices established by his predecessors condoned by the court system. The new D.A. will effect some kind of shakeup that could result in a justice system more worthy of the name.

Police, the courts, new lawyers in her office and the holdovers there will find themselves working with someone who was an energetic and appealing candidate but new to prosecuting. In four years voters can endorse the changes or make an adjustment.

This week Americans observed — awkwardly — yet another anniversary of the massacre of 3,000 people on Sept. 11, 2001. A band of foreign Muslim extremists took the entire rap for it. In quick succession Congress and the Bush-Cheney administration abridged all Americans' Constitutional rights and U.S.-led coalitions invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

It has dawned on this country that the government's 9/11 story doesn't hold together even though news organizations that could expose it for the sham that it is have consented to cover it up, notwithstanding some good reporting early on.

On Tuesday, standing on the curb in front of the Statehouse, I couldn't help seeing conflicted looks on the faces of firefighters and others marching solemnly up Beacon Hill toward Boston City Hall to pay respects to all the victims of the 9/11 attacks as bagpipers played and drummers drummed. When and how will justice ever prevail?

Mark Miller,




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