Letter: Dalton on a different course for reasons unknown

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To the editor:

Several letters submitted by Dalton residents have appeared recently concerning current and continuing actions being taken by the Select Board — actions that are considered unnecessary by many residents and bound to add to the already high taxes.

Dalton is a small community that has had a police department and town government more than capable of serving the needs of the people. Suddenly, for reasons unknown, there seems to be a desire to go in a different direction. Monies raised via taxes are being spent in ways that are difficult to justify.

A judge, investigator and counsel were hired to conduct a hearing into the conduct of Chief Jeffrey Coe only to be terminated without any conclusions. Monies were spent to buy out the chief and then inflated by the employ of a temporary administrator. Are we policing the police? What will our new chief cost?

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Yes, we recently had an unfortunate situation that needs to be resolved and corrected in a way that prevents it from ever happening again, but was the remedy that was initiated adequate, too lenient or excessive? What will that final cost be?

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Could the town manager's rather sudden retirement be the result of a situation that he felt uncomfortable in? What will a new town manager cost?

With the new high school, Daltonians are facing high taxes for a number of years to come and frugality had better be practiced now or eventually there could be unpredictable consequences.

It's not in Dalton's history to have unrest and discontent in its government or service providers. Why now? Is there a change within the ranks of the decision-makers that goes beyond the norm?

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Is Mr. Boyle the only member with a sense of monetary values? That's not a good sign.

Al Nadeau,



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