Letter: Deep State isn't the problem in nation

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To the editor:

There have been letters recently regarding the Deep State. There are those in our government who have done things that are underhanded and illegal. But that does not mean this is who we are as a country.

Democracy is messy. Yet somehow, over our 243 years, we have mostly gotten it right enough to be the place where most people in the world would choose to live.

What are the strengths of our country?

When set up, we knew we did not want a monarchy and we wanted the separation of church and state. The Constitution set up three co-equal branches of government with checks and balances to make sure those two basic principles were upheld by the rule of law.

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Regarding the Deep State, what do we know? Our intelligence services proved that Russia did interfere in our elections in 2016 and both the Democrats and Republicans in Congress on the Intelligence Committee accepted these findings. Because of 70,000 votes in three key states, the election, through the Electoral College, went to the candidate who received 3 million fewer votes than his opponent. Disinformation spread by Russia had people believe lies, later proven to be false. That impacted the election.

Our economy is doing well. A big engine runs smoothly for a long time, until it doesn't. In 2008, we averted a bank failure that would have sent our country and the world into a depression. After eight years of hard work, the economy was once again pretty healthy. The engine is still running smoothly but slowing down. This year, the deficit grew by $1 trillion and billions are being spent bailing out farmers due to recent tariffs. Needed farm workers are not allowed into the country and crops are not being harvested.

What kind of leadership have we traditionally had and want for our country? Respectful behavior by our leaders, careful uplifting speech, and a vision for our country have been the hallmarks of great presidents. The world looks to us for inspiration, encouragement and ideals, a country whose word means that we stay in treaties, agreements and accords, and that we stand by our allies, such as NATO (which has strengthened the European democracies adding to our own security), the Kurds (who were instrumental in defeating ISIS) and Ukraine (which is in the front lines of aggression by Russia and U.S. backing for their protection and for ours).

Joanne Cooney,

Great Barrington


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