Letter: Democrats cynically exploit Black cause

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To the editor:

I watched and listened to the aftermath of the horrible murder of George Floyd. For a few hours, the vast majority of our divided nation found hope in unity. That should be his legacy.

Instead, the Democrats pounced, dividing and politicizing, both denying and encouraging violence and looting. Leftist activism requires an "enemy" to move groups to action.

Example: "systemic racism" is a political construct of the left, claiming that it's keeping Black America down.That narrative makes whites the "enemy." To those liberals choosing to validate this lie by "confessing" their "white privilege" and "racism," I'll concede that "systemic racism" may exist somewhere. In my generation's experience that place is the Democratic Party!

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The party would have us believe that it is the savior of the downtrodden; Black Americans in particular. Unaltered history says otherwise. Slavery powered the economy of a South absolutely controlled by Democrats. Black rights, won during Reconstruction, were eventually canceled by Democrats' power. They used segregation, voter registration laws, "Jim Crow" laws, the KKK and withholding of education to hold black people in economic slavery and second-class citizenship for decades.

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Enter the '50s and' 60s. Southern Democrats, state and federal, fought against integration and voting rights on the streets and in Congress. In fact, roughly 85 percent of Republicans in each House voted to pass the Civil Rights Act versus 65 percent of the constantly filibustering Democrats. LBJ was no one's savior in my generation, expanding the war in Vietnam and fighting it with the poor, both black and white!

If Martin Luther King had lived,would he have supported the Democrats? I think not! This party controlled the segregated levers of power; jailing, beating and siccing police dogs on him and his peaceful civil rights demonstrators. Nonetheless, after his assassination, the Democrats co-opted his Civil Rights movement for their political purposes.

Fifty plus years and trillions of dollars later, Black Americans in Democrat-controlled major cities are worse off than in the '60s. They're held down by crime, poverty, sub-par education, unemployment and corrupt politicians using them. Eight years of Obama-Biden left them farther down. The party arrogantly assumes that they control Black voters. Example: Biden's recent quip,"If you don't vote for me, you ain't black."

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A Black group posted a list of attitudes whites should change to improve racial equality. One roughly stated:"stop speaking for us, we can speak for ourselves." I agree 100 percent. The Democrats are already way ahead of you, speaking for and co-opting your new movement. Break free of the Democrats!

Leo Delaney,



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