Letter: Democrats should take viewpoints to Fox News


To the editor:

Democrats need to grow a backbone. I watch CNN, Fox News and Bill Maher. I regularly see Republicans on CNN and Bill Maher who provide some perspective of the ideas of the Republican Party, especially on Bill Maher where there are no holds barred.

There is always a vigorous back and forth discussion on pretty much every topic involving everything that happened in the last week. Democrats and Republicans argue their points back and forth. It makes for some eye-opening discussion from both sides.

Now, the Democratic party says it won't engage in a debate on Fox News. Cowards! The people who watch Fox News generally get all their news from Fox. So Democrats who don't have the backbone to go on Fox and put their ideas out there to an audience that will never hear their views otherwise are passing up a huge chance to get their ideas across to some people who might see another side. All those people see are Sean Hannity and the rest of the far-right people on Fox.

The Democrats need to step up and quit being afraid of going on Fox and expressing their views. They might not change a lot of Fox viewers' minds but they may get some to realize that there is a different point of view besides what Hannity blathers on about incessantly every night, non-stop.

Jamie Larkin,




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