Letter: DeSisto development will benefit Stockbridge

To the editor:

I am writing a letter of support for the 37 Interlaken project in Stockbridge because I have known the developer personally and professionally for over 20 years.

I first met Patrick Sheehan when he was renovating the former Crane mansion in Dalton, now Sugarhill Assisted Living. I was impressed by Patrick's meticulous attention to every detail of that project. He wanted to retain the beauty and stateliness of this grand mansion. Over the years Patrick has continued to take other properties in desperate need of renovations, giving them each the same careful and thoughtful attention, creating beautifully finished projects.

After his purchase of the DeSisto school property in 2009, Patrick has worked tirelessly on a vision to restore this dilapidated mansion, all the while keeping the grounds and buildings in pristine condition in the hopes of showing the community his commitment to excellence and doing things the right way.

During the last year, as the 37 Interlaken project was being presented to the community, I had the privilege to cater numerous open houses on the property. I have listened as managing partner Tony Guthrie and other members of the development team addressed hundreds of questions and concerns from residents near and far. They have routinely gone back and made adjustments to the original plan after suggestions from the community.

I can truly say that after people learned the details of this project firsthand from Patrick, a local experienced developer, they came away with a very favorable attitude. It is my sincere hope that the residents of Stockbridge see what an incredible opportunity this will be to restore this beloved property, so that the town of Stockbridge and the entire Berkshire region will reap the many benefits for generations to come.

Anthony Mazzeo,



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