Letter: Dictator Trump

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To the editor:

So, Donald Trump is having himself a little pity party complaining about Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx having favorable ratings but not him. Boo-hoo. Maybe it's because they speak of the reality of science while he still claims that the coronavirus is just going to up and magically disappear. Now Chuck Woolery is an expert, according to Trump. The worse this virus gets, the further he goes to act like everything is rosy.

The states with Republican governors that ignored the science and followed his lead of pie in the sky beliefs are now suffering the consequences, while the figurehead of their party is still claiming hydroxychloroquine is a cure.

I'm very thankful that our Republican governor didn't follow the rest of the Republican lemmings, although I didn't agree with him shutting down the pot shops. Our state lost a lot of money that would have been paid in taxes at a time the state really needs it.

What really scares me now is Trump's use of federal troops against peaceful protesters. I think he is just practicing for when he gets voted out and calls the election a fraud and refuses to leave. He will incite his minions to riot. It will get ugly.

Jamie Larkin,




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